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Curse: The Eye of Isis
Posted by: Chris on 2014-08-25 21:39:22
Hey, I finished another horror game! Crazy, right? This time it is Curse: The Eye of Isis, a throughly mediocre game that nonetheless has some interesting ideas (that don't work out, of course). This was one of the most pleasant bad games that I've played in a while because it's not particularly buggy and I got a kick out of killing everything with the default club weapon. If I can finish a couple more games I can retire the original Xbox, which I've kept hooked up just for a few obscure titles like this one.

Curse is actually a great game to study because it's got all kinds of common failures wrapped up in one package. If you're like me and you enjoy punishing yourself to learn things, it's actually worth a look.
Hey there again!
Posted by: Mat on 2014-08-25 07:11:45
Hey God of Horror guy!

A bit highly strung there, aren't we?

When I mentioned "Otherworld", I meant the change that happens in the world of Silent Hill from everything being normal to being batshit insane. I am not talking about physically different worlds.

Maybe, just maybe, you'd like to take part in an engaging discussion where we can share views opposed to attacking someone for having an opinion.

Anyway, hope you played P.T. or Playable Teaser for new Silent Hills! It's creepy as hell, isn't it?! Looking forward to that one, and looking forward to Chris dissecting it when it eventually drops :)

Cheers guys!
Admirer of japanese horror
Posted by: Aleksandar on 2014-07-29 04:13:46
First of all - great article. I think you did a really great job by summirizing most important of what makes japanese horror. I think that japanese horror is always based on inevitable facing the death, confronting the victim with something that cannot be avoided. For the same reason why michael myers is scary. he just stands there, but he will gets you, count on that.
SH 4
Posted by: Farz on 2014-07-21 01:01:53
You stated in SH 4 about Henry safe room : since the player understands that he can leave at will, the feeling of tension induced by the Otherworld is dramatically reduced.

I actually had played SH 4, never finished it since it's really hard and frightening for me also my SH 4 game is lost and i still don't bother to buy again.

But let's back to the topic, actually i am little disagree with you about Henry safe rooms. Because Henry can go back to his room anytime player wants, it does not means the tension is reduced when compared to other series.

In fact it add shrill terror to our play through, namely because exist small haven namely the room itself whom provides shelter and sense of security in contrast with our other world with full pack of monsters (and ghost !) ready to chew Henry.

So the player will trying to as much as possible get back to the room whenever in danger, thus make a possible result when a player refuse to leave Henry room for the sake of safety rather than progress !. Because thanks to the new mechanics : Immortal monster, most of monsters who can outrun Henry even when he is running and giving much portion to melee fighting rather than shoot from safety. All of this can force some players to sit in safe rooms rather than progress the game.
Taking from my experience when in Subway level after Cynthia going to toilet, Henry immediately surrounded by those damned dogs, curious about Cynthia and my safety, I make a dash to toilet to find a hole in the wall. I examine it and when the option appear to give me chance for a ride to my room, I promptly agreed.
The first thing I got when I am back to room is a feeling relief and yes that is. Never I thought I can get a breath for a while after meet two abomination hounds. So after make some preparations, I go into the hole again but when I am back at same exact toilet, I got an immediate chill vibe through my palms and body. It’s because those two dogs still waiting for me outside of toilet and getting a feeling “This subway is a nightmare why I must venture this again ?!”.
The subway feelings is what I am talking about, the contrast feeling between the room and other world subway level can induce some fear to some players, making their movement become sluggish while playing and feeling about “ I want to go to my room” in every moment during the nightmare other world. And this feelings is one of the reasons I cannot advance to next level due to my cowardice.
But sadly all of these things is not very greatly pulled by Konami, when I knew from magazines that Henry rooms will invaded by spirits in later levels, I got an impression it makes the contrast feeling won’t induce fear anymore and also SH 4 is somewhat not playing with darkness element which is very important to keep the horror like the first and second game.

But after all it’s good game and nice post as always.
Posted by: Farz on 2014-07-20 23:28:23
When first time i read this post i was thinking it's maybe a useful tips like how to make your own horror game and when i arrived at first paragraphs in puzzles section, i got an new impression about how not to make another RE centric game for the new developers.

Also it gets to me that when we still playing RE we get required to get key pieces to unlock a door (searching bishop plug and it's friends is one of many examples ). But not when we playing Siren series. Meet a locked door or fence ? Just bang out the lock !.

But it's justified since most doors in RE is more advanced in technical way than normal doors. Still when i compared it to Siren more traditional doors, i can't help but chuckle.

Anyway good post as always and happy Ten Years for your blog !.
Posted by: Endesu on 2014-07-02 00:32:06
Great to see another post! Been interested in VR for sometime now - would love to play through Among the Sleep again with a Rift.
Hey Chris!
Posted by: REDVWIN on 2014-06-30 19:19:23
Glad too to read you again! Don't know if it was a coincidence but I tried to contact you via the "Contact Chris" link. I wrote about how Alien : Isolation reminds me about Hell Night. What do you think about it? Have a great day! :)
Posted by: Peter Anderson on 2014-06-30 07:31:22
Mate, I mean, Chris...your database is outdated. Sorry about the off topic comment, but there are horror games that have been commercially available for years, yet they aren't in your database at all. Resident Evil 6, Saw, The Last of Us and The Evil Within could be added, as they are all survival horror games. What about The Walking Dead or Alien: Isolation as well? :-)
Posted by: Rob on 2014-06-26 12:16:43
I haven't had the opportunity to try any form of VR, even the older forms before Oculus. I've wanted to for a long time, and especially for survival horror, as I suspected that it would benefit greatly from the sense of immersion and I'm glad to hear that that is the case.

The only thing that worries me is the motion sickness. I'm one of those people who gets sick from playing certain FPS games, so my fear is that I'd never be able to play a VR game for more than a minute.

Perhaps when it has been fine tuned and all of the issues have been sorted out with visuals and movement it will be less of a problem.

Or maybe I'll have to pop some motion sickness pills before putting on the device.
Posted by: DarkSpyda04 on 2014-06-25 22:51:51
I like the part where you talk about immersion and feeling or belief that you are actually there, out aboard a spaceship with your own two feet.

I recently turned off my computer monitor, sat down in the dark, and tuned into a radio show that I found on Youtube called "Pontypool Changes Everything" which is essentially the broadcast of a radio station in the zombie apocalypse. What's interesting about the idea of a radio broadcast is that it casts its fictional world onto the negative space of reality through the power of suggestion. While you listen in, you imagine that radio station being out there somewhere and outside the windows of your house you imagine zombies walking the streets and swarming around cars. I actually got up and locked my house door.

I wasn't pressing buttons on a controller, but in complete control of my whole body in front of a world that was very real. There's a whole new level of terror when the fear comes out of the TV screen and into reality, even if only in your imagination. I really hope this is something we see more of in the future.